Travelers Rest Farm

George Washington slept here.


George Washington slept here, now you can too

Travelers Rest Farm is for you!

For your weekend escape, wedding or just to visit. The 23 acre farm has a scenic pond, beautiful shady trees and great places to enjoy the panoramic views at sunrise and sunset. And if you are up for a ride, you can enjoy one of our horses or bring your own. As a bonus we also have beautifully hand crafted wreath that is made and sold at the farm as well as online over our Etsy store.

Excited? -  Let us know and we can tailor your stay specific for you!

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Travelers Rest stands on the high ground northwest of Chapel Creek in the major drainage basin of the upper section of the county and faces an old road that was once an Indian trail. 

Before 1665 it was called by the colonists Richard Path and led to the first "up country" settlement, which became Newtown. Later it was the colonial post road which George Washington followed between Mount Vernon and Williamsburg. 

Travelers Rest was the natural name for a place that reached to the large stream at the foot of its hill where travelers and tobacco "rollers"could rest and refresh themselves before they reached Todd`s Warehouse with its store, tavern and market for tobacco. 

The two houses once built by the Baylors who ancestors had made fortunes in trading and shipping are both recently restored.